3rty and Jinmi Abduls Trade Poignant Tales On ‘Na True’

One of Nigeria’s most gifted singers on the rise 3rty has finally released his first single of the year. Coming about four months after ‘Feelings’, this new single is titled ‘Na True’ and it features Jinmi Abduls.

On Twitter, 3rty describes the record as a “track about the aching need, desperate search, painful disappointment and joyful discovery.”

Across the very smooth and melodious instrumental, the sweet-singing pair trade stories about their current love situation. In what seems like a conversation had over a shared blunt or bottle, 3rty laments about his throbbing loneliness. Right now, all he wants is to end that, as he is now on a search for a lover he can call his.

Jinmi, on the other hand, is convinced he has it worse; and he might just be right. He went through the piercing pain of being stood up on the altar and he has been on his own ever since.

This is such a beautiful song that’s rich in poetry, instrumentation and vocal delivery. Enjoy ‘Na True’ above.

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