Johnny Drille preaches a love eternal in “Bad Dancer”

Sweet kisses, feathery touches, wispy gowns and silky dresses that surrender to the caress of the wind.  Beautiful poetry, awkward steps and terrible waltz is the world Johnny Drille offers to us in his new track “Bad dancer”.

Johnny tells the story of a love so sweet, so gentle, it is transforming. He expresses with succinct details what he feels and desires to do to his lover as he falls deeply in love. Notwithstanding his inability to co-ordinate his body rhythmically to music, he desires to take his lover slow dancing. The lyrics are satisfyingly candid and for even the most pessimistic, we are almost made to believe in fairytale romance again.

“Bad dancer” is the first song from an upcoming album. Announcing the release of the new song, Johnny Drille said:

 “This one makes even me feel loved and I’m happy to share this piece of me with you.

“‘Bad Dancer’ is one of my most beautiful and emotional love songs, makes even I feel so loved and it is my hope that it makes you feel that way too.”

Its official video released a day ago shows Johnny with his trademark Guitar singing in a wet shirt with a  storm brewing in the background. It is simple yet powerful. Click here to Watch and Enjoy.


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