Phyno and Peruzzi spill the tea on the paths many undertake to wealth acquisition on “For the money”

Peruzzi, DMW vibe machine and Phyno fine o, team up to give us a scintillating tune on “For the money” produced by blaq jerzee.

Phyno renders his verse in igbo inflecting English here and there to dilute the verse a little for his non-igbo listeners. He begins to talk about the hardship everyone faces, following his pace and taking his time to hustle, stopping the wagging tongues of doubters. He pleads to God to bless his labour preventing it from being futile and in vain. He is ready to go hard for the money and rejects dying without accomplishing his dreams.

Peruzzi also surprisingly renders his verse in igbo. He feels the same as Phyno,reiterating minding his time and not comparing his to others. He also wishes to prove doubters wrong too making them cower in shame.

The chorus goes into detail spilling the tea on the extent to which people would go for the money, from prostitution, to brothers and friends killing and betraying one another, to pastors deceiving and robbing their congregation blind, to others studying hard and even  those travelling abroad to hustle for the money.

This jam is about the hustle, the grind, the sacrifices all in the pursuit of money, what they will do and the the various means they will undertake to get it. Quite an enjoyable highlife jam and should definitely be bursting through your speakers. Click here to listen.


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