Popular Demand – Sabi Boy

Reggie aka Sabi Boy who is a budding Rap & Afro-Fusion Recording and Performing Artist who has been consistently putting out music since 2015, with songs like Bad Girl, Sabi Boy, Anybody and his 2018 single Fire Dancer. 

The 22-year-old Nigerian artiste put out his debut project City Of Gold in 2017 and has since decided to take the professional route with music.

A graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science  & Technology – Ghana, Sabi Boy’s sound is a blend of Rap, Afro-Pop, and Reggae fusion,  submerged in a variation of urban Nigerian and Ghanaian music

He has finally put out his overly anticipated sophomore project. Popular Demand which is a 4-track Afro-fusion project features Ghanaian based artiste Chika Blaze & Producer extraordinaire O’giver. 

MXRE – Stiques the god

Stiques, also known as Stiques the god, is a Nigerian vocalist/producer/songwriter/audio engineer. He teamed up with a multi Grammy-award winning engineer from Solange’s team, to bring us his debut single Lamba (The Engine) last year.

This year, he and his eclectic band, The Dark Assassins are currently working on his first solo body of work Dirty Street Music (DxSxM). They take us through their creative process, creating the track Mxre on the project.

Linksters – La Même Gang

Another wing of the New Age movement; La Même Gang is a creative collective from Ghana doing their part to redefine what it means to create music in 21st Century Africa.

The collective is a group of six creatives: Darkovibes, Kiddblack, Nxwrth, RJZ, $pacely and Kwaku BS; all individually full of epic talent. They released their debut mixtape La Même Tape in 2017. The ten-track chart-topper solidified the strong organic following they’d already garnered.

La Même Gang has just released their second project Linksters. The compilation is an effortless blend of genres from Hip-Hop to Trap to Afro-Pop. Stone Island, the lead single gave their audience an insight into the bond they share as friends.

Linksters has production from Nova, Kuvie, Zodiac, Killmatic, Eargasm and of course Nxwrth—who is leading Ghana’s burgeoning Trap scene at the moment. The album also features more great talent from Sarkodie, King Promise, Medikal, Kobla Jnr, Pappy Kojo, Odartie and Nigeria’s Odunsi the Engine.
Linksters shows off the growth and versatility of each individual member of La Même Gang and is a delightful listen for both old and new fans.

Bandana – Deji Abdul

Deji Abdul made his PGM debut on the PGM Radio Show back in July this year when he premiered Tongolo.

Deji Abdul is a UK-based Afro-Pop/Afro-Soul/R&B singer. The First Class graduate and Masters Degree holder began his active pursuit of music in 2016 with the release of his debut single Hold You DownThe song hit 9k plays on SoundCloud in less than a week. Deji’s unique blend of these three genres has made has made him a success in his own right with other great tracks like Lifestyle and Summer ’17.

He just released the video for his single Bandana. Ladies, you know those songs that just go straight to your waist? This is one of them. The BathingMontel-produced Afro-Pop mid-tempo joint is perfect for any turn up.

Monopoly – GJ The Caesar

After that amazing feature singing on Lady Donli’s single Games earlier in the year, singer/rapper GJ The Caesar is out with what he calls his debut release.

The artist released the song BDE (Big Dick Energy) featuring André Wolff and U. and we think it’s a great one, but GJ obviously regards Monopoly as the chosen one. The rapper is obviously using this track as an awesome introduction to his music with this one and we’re definitely on the lookout for more.

Fantasy – Good Girl LA

Euphemia Runyi Ekumah – Good Girl LA – is an Afro-Fusion artist with inspiration from greats like Michael Bolton, Michael Jackson and Beyonce. The 21-year old singer has been bringing magic through SoundCloud and has just released her second single of the year.

Good Girl LA has been dropping heat since last year; her first song of the year Faraway getting a lot of crowd fire since its release in February. Her latest single Fantasy produced by Syn X shows off her vocal prowess as she tells the story of the fantasy from the POV of the subject of the fantasy curious to know how the man expresses his reverie for her.

Good Girl LA is definitely one to watch.

Small Girl Big God – YMK Sama x Proof the Sensei

Rapper, writer, director and self-proclaimed madman Yimika Owoaje – YMK Sama – is at the shenanigans again with his single Small Girl Big God. The track produced by Simpson is for Yimika, an attempt to woo the hottie that just walked past.

The PGM club first heard of this guy earlier this year when we watch the YLLW video (Eri Ife x Rem Baggins). Turns out Yimika is just as good in the studio as he is behind the camera.  After the handful of Freestyle Friday videos this man has given out, he jumps on this one with another amazing wordsmith in the person of Proof the Sensei. This one is for the men that just want to love without the burden of that ‘sugar daddy’ responsibility. The very clean video is a very hilarious interpretation of this: with YMK Sama and Proof the Sensei as attendants at Swit Mart, we watch as YMK tries and fails to put the moves on a pretty customer. The video is directed by YMK (duh) and Samuel Sirme.

Nigerian Rap has a very bright future.

Heavy Heart – Dwin, The Stoic

Edwin Madu – Dwin, The Stoic is a poet, singer, songwriter and 1/3 of the ‘Experimental Rock’ band Ignis Brothers (along with Ruth Zakari and Lamide Aranmolate).

In July, Dwin released his debut album Heavy Heart. The project is a multi-genre LP and honestly, this is the playlist for the times you can’t get a text back. The genres go from Folk to Soft Rock and we listen to Dwin artfully use this debut to draw attention to his voice – so raw and filled with emotion. Heavy Heart was exclusively produced by 3rty and features Paybac, Gido, Vader theBarelyAnyHook, Davina Oriakhi, Jamal Swiss and Nnayimovich (The Stoic’s alter ego). The album has the rollout singles Happy Song and Are You The One? and Ignis Brothers’ debut single Braveheart. For all the fun it may bring to being in the feels of not getting a text back, Heavy Heart is introspective and makes one think, exploring concepts from spirituality to love and heartbreak. The album’s lead single Happy Song is ironically unhappy telling the story of a lover’s loss brought to life in TheGrandVezir’s stop-motion animation video.

Heavy Heart is an amazing debut and this writer is looking forward to crying more tears.

Right Before The Fame – Joey Decorum

If you hear anyone say again that Hip-Hop in Nigeria is dead, refer them to Right Before The Fame by rapper/songwriter/producer/videographer Joey Decorum.

This young man made waves while still studying at the University of Lagos in 2015 with his single Photophobic with rapper Ziggy2G. Making music for a minute, Joey released his debut EP aptly titled Right Before The Fame early this year and this writer is sorry she’s just bringing it to you. The EP got heat when it came out for fan faves Rec001 featuringMyEx, So Wavy and WMW (Right Before The Fame). This EP is completely self-written and produced by DJ Kraizee, KachyVibes, The Sheriff, the other throne and Synesthetic with special assistance from Vaedar, qvxdri, thelookTM and WNDRFL.

The EP tells stories of heartbreak and hurt and also of an artist that will reach the pinnacle. This is an EP you should buy.

Asteroid Blues – Miles From Mars ft. Paula B

Ibadan-based R&B band Miles From Mars – comprising individual acts SoulBlackSheep and Bio – is out with its debut single Asteroid Blues.

This duo uses a lot of space exploration imagery as part of their art and brand and when asked, they say it’s to remind the listeners that they are literally miles from Mars. Miles from Mars is impressive in the way they switch vocals, almost like two pilots at the helm of a spaceship with the aim of ‘creating beautiful sounds that are heavily influenced by their Nigerian roots’. Their debut single Asteroid Blues features Paula B and explores the themes of love and heartbreak, but with a sound that seeks to transport those that can relate to the pain to a place that is far from hurt and hopelessness.

We’re looking forward to more trips to space with Miles From Mars.

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